Brush off your tiara and unleash your inner princess as an iconic trio of Broadway originals/animation stars host an evening of festivities alongside their own Fairy Godfairy and special guests! Named “Outstanding Roadshow 2019” by Nashville’s First Night Awards, your every dream will come true as these knockout voices sing the petticoats off every princess song in the book, sharing hilarious and heartfelt stories of their royal antics backstage, on stage, and beyond! Critics call it: “spectacular,” enchanting,” “empowering,” – this is the princess party you WISH you’d had as a kid, only better, because these are the voices you know from the albums. Catch the carriage and embrace the adventure – bring your besties, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your mom, your kids (ages 6 and older, please) or anyone who will be tempted to sing along!  Dress in your best royal attire (or cosplay) and you may even win a prize! Come see what over 18 million fans are raving about on YouTube!


“The quality of each princess’s singing was astounding… Short of the Tony Awards, I know of no other place where you can find such find such an abundance of talent on one stage.”

– Twin Cities Arts Reader


Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Manhattan, Benjamin Rauhala had a birthday party and invited his dear friend, Laura Osnes, fresh off her run as Broadway’s ‘Cinderella.’ He shared with her his idea of a concert full of beloved Princess songs, and that he wanted her to co-host. Laura’s heart leapt with joy and within hours, she had dreamt up which of her Broadway girlfriends would sing each iconic princess song. She would, of course, embody Cinderella, but who would Ben be? Gus-Gus, the mouse? Flounder, the guppy? The Fairy God…father? Ah, ha! They had it… He would be our Fairy Godfairy! It was a perfect fit, like a glass slipper. And with their vision to make it more than just a concert – an actual royal gathering of princesses with glitter and decorations – they came to call it the Broadway Princess Party®.

On August 16, 2015, the very first Broadway Princess Party® was born at Feinstein’s/54 Below in New York City, co-hosted, created, and written by Mr. Rauhala and Ms. Osnes. Not only did the audiences flip their fins for the iconic songs, inherent nostalgia and mind-blowing talent, but the hand-picked cast of 15 Broadway ingenues discovered an inspiring kinship in celebrating each other’s strength, creativity, valiance, and vocal prowess. They knew they had something special on their hands. Videos from the concerts went viral on YouTube and social media, amassing over 17 million views and counting, leading to over 14 more sold-out concerts at Feinstein’s/54 Below over the next three years, including a Broadway Prince Party, featuring Broadway’s favorite leading men.

It was two years later, when Broadway’s original ‘Belle,’ Susan Egan, joined the party when the show and brand began to grow exponentially. Egan’s business-savviness and vision for the brand would prove key to its expansion, and her expertise from years of experience as a touring concert artist would prove key to the development of the show itself. With a growing demand from fans worldwide, they joined together as a company to expand this popular series beyond the palace walls of Manhattan, creating Broadway Princess Party, LLC as a comprehensive concert brand and merchandise line. They’ve grown their royal reach to also include the #UnleashYourInnerPrincess talent search, a Girl Scouts program, and an online store at  Most recently, Broadway’s original ‘Jasmine’ and Broadway Princess Party® mainstay, Courtney Reed, has joined the partnership, and together these royals are taking their show and brand to kingdoms near and far, reaching new audiences and adding esteemed Broadway and animation princesses to their Princess Posse cast.  The Broadway Princess Party® has played to packed houses in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, and more, and in 2019 won “Outstanding Roadshow” at Nashville’s “First Night” Awards. Find them in a kingdom near you and unleash your own inner princess!



The Broadway Princess Party is a dazzling evening of musical magic. Underneath the music, glitter, sparkles and tiaras, this is really a show about empowering women.”

– Third Coast Creatives


“If you weren’t in the [theatre] last night, you may find it difficult to fathom how [this critic] could be so completely enraptured by the assembled starpower onstage. Yet, if you were in my company last night, you’d be nodding in agreement. [The princesses] each represent everything the term “Broadway Princess” suggests. Together? They are, quite frankly, everything – with all which that word encompasses. And then some.”

— Jeffrey Ellis, BroadwayWorld